Boil Lemons in the Evening and Drink the Liquid as soon as You Wake Up…You Will Be Shocked by the Effects!

To make sure your body is functioning optimally, you should always begin the day with a glass of warm lemon water. This drink supplies the body with the necessary nutrients. Nowadays, this morning ritual has become very popular; however, there are some people who don’t prepare the beverage in the right way. The trick is to use the rind as well!

How to Get the Most of Warm Lemon Water

Boil the lemon instead of squeezing it into a glass of water. Let’s take a look at the recipe now:

You will need:

6 lemons

Honey, 1 tsp (optional)

20 oz. of water


Slice the lemons and put the slices into a pot of water and boil them for 3 minutes and then remove the pot from the stove and leave it to cool down. Afterwards, strain the mixture and put it into a glass bottle. Every morning, pour lemon water from the bottle into a glass and add a tsp of honey for a sweeter taste. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Betters the digestion
  • Supplies you with energy
  • Prevents colds and flu
  • Strengthens the immunity
  • Refreshes the breath
  • Hydrates the lymphatic system
  • Betters the mood
  • Clears the skin
  • Balances the body’s pH

Important to note: You don’t need to reheat the drink because it can also be consumed cold.

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